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FanFiction Submission Guidelines

First and most importantly, I reserve the right to decide what Fiction I will put up, according to my own personal taste. 
This site started out as a way for me to archive my favorite stories stored on my computer on the net, so when I'm not at home I can view them at my own pleasure.  But from that simple idea this site has taken a mind of it's own.
I'm more than happy to know other's are enjoying this site and make return trips to enjoy it's content.  But this site isn't like the Crashdown or other sites that include FanFiction, which posts all stories sent to it, If I don't like a story or if I don't agree with where a fic is heading I will not post it, or if it's already up I will take it down no warning given.

I'm sorry if this upsets anyone but I'm currently a student with not a lot of time on my hands, and it takes a lot to up keep a site of this size, and as such I have to enjoy what I'm doing to make all the trouble I go threw, worth it. 

And please don't get me wrong I know my tastes are not the end all of FanFiction, but these rules as regard to this site, Stand.
I also reserve the right to add a warning to a chapter if I like a story so much yet breaks one of these rules. 
I feel its not fair to surprise a reader if something really bad happens.

1) I am first and foremost a Liz Parker fan...

I am not by any means a Max Apologist.

I hate Late Season 2, Season 3 Max with a passion.

I live in season 1.

I will only put up fic's that keep the spirit of the love shown in season 1 here in this site.

That means I will not have Liz Parker degraded in any way.  By degraded I mean Liz is brought down to the level of dirt bag season 3 Max. 

...Liz is not a whore.

...Liz is not doormat.

...Liz is not drug addict.

...Liz is not unfaithful.


Please let me clarify this point no fic's where Max and Liz cheat on each other with other people either as boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife!


2) While were on the subject, in the past I have allowed people to send me Post Decrapture fic's in the hope I get over my hatred over Max. 

Now don't bother.  Won't read them, will never put them up, Don't send them I'll delete them.

To me spoT (Max's kid With The Gerbil) is the living embodiment of Max's lack of morals, character, and he's lack of faith and love for Liz.  spoT to me represents the very worst of Roswell I don't see him as a little boy but a useless and very painful plot device.  Season 3 has only made my hatred that much stronger.  I know there are some stories out there which are quite good that have him, but like I said I hate that storyline.  And I want to avoid it at all cost's. 

Note: Mindwarps of the sex are more then welcome and the only exception to this rule as long as Max didn't actually do the slut because of one.


3)  Max bashing is allowed, Liz bashing is not!  

The boy did a lot of things in season 2 & 3 he has to be called on and make up for.  (Even with a mindwarp)

Just because this is a Max and Liz site doesn't get him of the hook. 

And NO this does not apply to Liz, she did what she was told she had to do, to SAVE THE WORLD, not because she wanted to hurt anyone.

Unlike Max who just acted the town idiot while he got his ego petted by the town slut.


4) Isabel and Gerbil bashing is also allowed.

It's all in fun and they deserve it, so why not.


5) No 3some or moresomes with other people.

Don't try to justify it by saying it was caused by Max's Alien side, I just don't want it here its not in keeping with the theme I want this site to be.


6) All the fics to be posted here must have a happy ending or the promise of a happy ending, no Romeo and Juliet ending's here.  And all must be Max and Liz fanfiction.


7) FanFiction here will not have Liz or any female or male character for that matter raped.

This also goes for physical abuse, i.e.) Between husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, I don't care if Max rides to the rescue and he and Liz live happily ever after. 
Exceptions can be made when it's just implied and in the distant past, but as a rule I would prefer not to go there.
Exceptions can be made when it deals to Max and his treatment in the White Room, but only if it is implied, no gory details please.
+ If all the above hasn't turned you off, to submit a fic you have 2 options.
I) You can the link where the story is posted.
II) Or if for whatever reason you feel you must email me the story itself, email it in e-mail form.  With the Heading FanFiction Submission - (Title of story) Have at least 5 chapters ready to be reviewed by me.
I Can't Stress that Enough.

If you send me an attachment I will delete with out reading it no exception's, I am very virus paranoid, as a Computer Science Major it comes with the turf, that and getting a pretty nasty worm from an attachment kinda cemented my view on them.

Also just because I don't respond to email right away doesn't mean I'm ignoring you, Like I said before I'm a student, add to that a job it sorta makes free time short

I usually just look at me email, and send submission fics to a special folder and look at them when I get the time, I have no clue when that will be though.

I will make it a point to respond to each and every email sent to me but I can't guarantee it will be in a timely manner. 
Yes I'm sure after reading this I may have offended more then one of you, I'm not a bitch but these are my views.